Pretty Winter Sights

Along with the extra cold weather has been some really pretty ice and frost.  This is new to me, even though I lived at 5,000 feet for one long winter.  There it snowed, but none of the pretty ice crystals and ice needles we are getting here. 

These are some of the winter wonderland sights from two mornings ago...

Ivy Berries

Chain Link Gate

Cedar Bough

Apple tree and Erika
Edward, who has to lick everything at least once, tasting the frost.  He has a particular liking for frozen dirt.
The "fuzz" on the rocks and gnome is really ice!

The amazing thing is how resilient lettuces are!  Frozen stiff in the morning, and fresh for picking in the afternoon.  They seem so fragile, but apparently they are tougher than they look!

Lettuces picked the afternoon after the above photos were taken.  They were frozen stiff earlier in the day. 


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