Winter Blahs...

Nothing much has been happening in the garden. It has been too rainy, too foggy, too icy, too snowy... just too to do anything!

It's been much colder than last winter.  There is more damage in the garden that I had last year.  My Christmas cactus was killed a few nights ago, on a covered porch.  It was fine last winter.  The lettuces are not going to winter over, this morning they were too far gone.  The chard wasn't looking too well either, but it wasn't looking good anyway.  For some reason it isn't growing tall.  It is forming ground level rosettes.  Nothing much I can harvest. 

Chard - stayed at ground level
I pruned the apple tree.  I have never done it before, so have no idea if I did it right!  I haven't been able to spray it yet (copper and dormant oil sprays) because it was too wet, and now it is too cold.  The tree does't seem to have any lasting damage to the borers I dug out of it.  Plus it is forming nice new buds.

Braeburn Apple Tree - buds under ice crystals January 17, 2013
The ice is rather pretty, but very cold.  If I have to go out in the car the next day, I park under the carport.  Otherwise the ice on the windows causes delays and frozen hands.  Interestingly, the ice crystals on the rose bushes are needle shaped, the apple tree ice is cubes. 

Rose - ice crystals January 17, 2013

So, forgive me the lapse in updating the garden!  I am doing some indoor preparations, buying some new things, etc.  I will be telling you all about those soon!  For now I'll leave you with a picture of silly ol' Boo, who doesn't mind the weather, he loves it all!



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