Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ask and You May Receive

My neighbor built a new fence.  The old one was from wire, those rolls of welded wire, or livestock wire, fencing.  He also replaced an old cedar gate.  Now, you might look at these and think construction debris, or a big pain in the neck, but when I saw them on the other side of the fence, laying against his garage, my eyes lit up!

What do these look like to a vegetable gardener?  Why, a new raised bed and a bunch of tomato cages of course!

My neighbor was kind enough to let me have them, so I rolled and slid them over the fence into my yard yesterday.  He also gave me his old red recycling bin, which are perfect planters with drainage holes already drilled.  Our garbage company changed to large trash cans instead, and didn't want these back unless we wanted them recycled.  Hmmm.  Recycle the recycling containers?

This is my old red recycling container, but my neighbor's looks just like it! (Cat litter pails are perfect for veggies too!)
So, I have some work ahead of me, but I am pleased and excited by my "new" gardening materials!  What did my neighbor get out of the deal?  Less trash to haul away, and a jar of my homemade apple butter. (Which, by the way, is still sealed up nicely!)

Apple Butter and Apple Sauce

I also got two new Craigslist finds to share.  Two 30 gallon plastic containers with lids, destined to become self-watering containers for vegetables.  Both of them for $10.00.  My 18 gallon container looked huge until I put it next to these monsters!  Making them into self-watering planters will be a new adventure.  I need to get busy, it will be planting time before I know it. Already peas will be going in this month.

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