Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bearded Iris Bed

I have a new iris bed!

The rhizomes were temporarily planted in the raised strawberry bed, and the pot that held last year's bell pepper.  I got them at the end of  last September, free of course off Craigslist!  They should have been planted before now, but I didn't have the space.  Actually I did, but didn't realize it until a few days ago.

Testing the soil next to the house, in back under my daughter's window, I discovered more black plastic sheeting under the bark!  That's right... more black plastic.  As if I hadn't pulled out enough already.  So, after a couple of hours of that, and a night's rest, I make a bed border out of rocks.  Yes, that's right...  more rocks.  I may actually be putting dent in them!  Except I found more rocks under the bark, under the plastic!  You heard that right... more rocks... under the black plastic!  They seemed to be set in order like an old stepping stone path.  The rocks in the foreground below are some of them, flat slate type rocks. 

Iris bed to be - black plastic removal and discovered rocks
There is a rose bush in the middle of the bed, which will stay if it comes back well this spring. I think it is Sterling Silver, an old rose and one of the first purple ones.  The flat rocks near it are for stepping stones.  The bed is very close to the edge of the herb garden, and if I want to walk buy I don't want to step in the iris, so I put some flat stones (yes, the new ones) there for a stepping area.  Amazingly the dogs, even Edward, are respecting the area and walking in the narrow area between the beds.

If you know bearded iris, you know that they should have been transplanted months ago.  But, they'll be fine, even if they won't bloom this year.  I am eagerly awaiting blooms in my old bed, planted in September 2011.  Not a bad time of year exactly, but they had been neglected, if not downright mistreated before I got them.  Free... off Craigslist!    They didn't bloom last spring, but they had nice growth, so I have hopes.

September 2011
July 2012

Of course Boo "helped!"

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