Friday, February 15, 2013

New Raised Bed From Salvaged Wood!

It's not pretty, but it's done!  I took that old gate I got from my neighbor apart, and put it together again into a 4 x 4 raised bed.  The wood couldn't be nailed together at the corners with a post, so I just used wooden stakes to keep the boards up.  Now, I just need to find more soil to fill it!

Old gate from next door
Edward wonders, "What's that smell?"

 The fifth board  is on the ground to walk on. 
5 boards to re-purpose
Building the bed

Wooden stakes - only cost a few dollars
Finished product -  not pretty, but it works!  The cardboard in the bottom will help kill the grass underneath and keep them from growing into the bed.  Also, to get rid of it!  I have a lot, it is the cardboard that my trellises were shipped in.


  1. Oops... I put this bed smack in the middle of one of the low spots that goes a bit underwater during heavy rains! Things look so different on a sunny day. No, I won't be moving it, I already have started filling it with soil. It will do for spring and summer crops. Maybe I'll take it up and move it after that, or the wood will certainly rot.

  2. I think this looks great! I hope it serves you well this spring.