Peas and Blueberries

Got the peas planted right on time, February 20.  They are the same kind as last year, in fact they are from the same package I bought last year!  Most seeds last for more years than the seed companies want you to believe.  These are Cascadia, which can be eaten as sugar pea pods, or as shelled peas.

Erika, my daughter, planting Cascadia peas.
We planted them on both sides of my new metal trellises.  Cascadia doesn't grow much more than 3' high, so the trellises will do fine.

I put netting over the bed, which will stay until the peas are well up.  When I planted a fall crop something dug them up, and I assume, ate all but four.

Since my four blueberries are all one variety, Bluecrop (or at least that is what I was told), I bought a different variety for better pollination.  Blueberries are self-pollinating, but they do much better with another variety nearby.  I got a Draper, a mid-season variety.  Both the Bluecrops and the Draper have formed flower buds!  Draper's are larger and further along.  I have decided that if my Bluecrops don't do well, they're out, and are being replaced by nursery stock.  My $5.00 Craigslist bargain berries (the Bluecrop) don't look nearly as nice as the $6.00 nursery Draper!  I had no idea the nursery stock was so reasonable!

Draper Blueberry Bud - the top bud is the flower, the buds on the stem are the leaves.


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