Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Gardening To-Do List

To-do lists motivate me!  Crossing each project off in turn as they get done gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  Too often I think I am getting nowhere, but looking at my to-do list shows just how far I have come.

My current "To-Do" list is as follows.  The items in red have been finished.   Red and black mean I am currently working on it! 

1) New "Magenta" rockroses near sidewalk (one done, I haven't decided where the second one will go)
2) Rock tier around stump by deck, fill with soil and extra strawberry daughters
3) Rock edged flower bed under Erika’s bedroom window
4) Plant iris under Erika’s bedroom window
5) New plant where barberry was
6) Plant peas 
7) Plant boysenberries
8) Fill new raised bed with soil
9) Cement in rock edging of lawn
10) Remove junipers in front yard
11) Trim tree over herb garden
12) Remove plants in corner of lawn area (the ones with something wrong with them)
13) Start seeds inside (bell peppers and tomatoes, other veggies in a few weeks)
14) Direct seed carrots, lettuce, radishes (March)

This morning I finished the new strawberry bed!  More black plastic to remove of 
course.  It had been unkept bed of succulents and rocks.  The strawberries are some of the daughter's from my plants last summer.  I gave dozens away, and was left with 12 extra that didn't fit in the main strawberry bed. 

New Strawberry Bed - before
New Strawberry Bed - after
    Only in my yard can a person build up a bed with another tier of rocks, and have a pile of rocks left over!  (See April 8, 2012 for "My Many Rocks")  This is after some for the new iris bed too!

The lower tier was existing, I added the top ones to make the bed deeper

Leftover rocks- how is that possible? 

The wire trellis is just a temporary barricade to protect the strawberry plants from the dogs, predominately Edward, who thinks the new soft soil is an ideal  nap spot for dogs.

(This post's format got all fouled up somehow.  The font changed, the photos moved over some... yet, I didn't set anything different.) 

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