Spring has Sprung!

While the nights are still quite cold, and we are expecting below freezing temperatures, the days have been gorgeous.  The trees, flowers, bushes, seeds, etc. are bursting out.

The asparagus is coming up.  The spears are not at all uniform in size.  There's something to research.


The peas started to come up a week ago. I took off the netting that kept seed eating varmints away.
The lettuces and spinach emerged today, just a tad.

Cascadia Peas

Berries are doing great.  The strawberries in the new bed all have new growth already.  All seven boysenberry "sticks" are getting buds and leaves.  The Meeker raspberry has come up in all over.  It's a good thing it's in a planter!

Strawberry with new growth - March 16

Meeker Raspberry

The forsythia is in bloom. It isn't as showy as in the past, as I have yet to properly prune it!


Spring isn't all good news though.  The tree frogs have abandoned our yard, migrating a few doors down, where there must be a pond or an unused pool.  I hope some return, I love their little croaks. 


  1. Looks like you have a lot of new life in your garden! Enjoy!


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