Saturday, April 13, 2013

Herb Garden Updates

The Grange Co-op has some beautiful new herb plants!  I bought orange mint, pineapple mint, and nutmeg thyme. 

I planted the pineapple mint in a ceramic planter on the deck.  I learned how mint pops up all over, so this one will be contained!  The orange mint and nutmeg thyme are in the herb garden.

Pineapple Mint

Orange Mint

Nutmeg Thyme
 The herb garden soil was so hard I bent my trowel!  So, I dug in two bags of compost (the kind the trash company makes from our green garden waste), uprooted the oregano and pansies, and replanted them.  I trimmed back a lot of the chocolate mint and peppermint, saving some to share.   The bed looks much better now!   I still want to find a lemon mint, a new basil (an annual), and a new lavender (mine died).

Herb Garden and Boo. 

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