I Jumped the Gun (Frost-date)

I couldn't resist.  I planted my current batch of tomato plants into the garden!  I know... I know... it is at least three weeks too early!  But, the forecast up to May 1 shows temperatures into the 70s and even 80, with nights in the high and mid 40s.  So, unless freezing temperatures sneak back in May, it should be fine.  One of three scenarios in any case.

1) It will freeze, I will lose the tomatoes and have to purchase them again.  No biggie, they weren't expensive.
2) It won't freeze, but it won't be warm, so they won't grow well.  Still fine, they will catch up eventually.  If not, I can replace them!
3) It will be fine.

I still have more to purchase and plant of course!  I put in two Aces and an Oregon Spring I got from The Tomato Lady, and a Medford (yes, named for my town), and a Big Beef from The Grange.  I didn't mean to get Big Beef, he was mixed in with the Sweet 100s!  Poor Big Beef... 
They are pretty big tomatoes considering I did cut off the lower leaves and bury them deep.  There is no way I can compete with The Tomato Lady by growing my own!  Pay her $10 for three plants and leave the hassle (of growing from seed) to her!
Ace tomatoes don't need cages, but I did tie them to the stakes they came with, seen in the photo below in the upper right corner.  Good thing I did that, it was a bit windy last night. 

I still want a Sungold and a red cherry, which I can get from The Tomato Lady.  Then, I hope to find some wonderful new varieties at the Spring Garden Fair on May 4th and 5th.  I want another Yellow Brandywine for sure.  Something black too, or zebra striped!  I have room in the raised beds, plus two large plastic nursery pots I recently bought, two storage containers that never became self-watering, two gro-bags that are not very deep, and three Topsy Turvys.  Yes, I bought some Topsy Turvys!  Why not give them a try now that they are sold at the Dollar Tree?  I plan on putting cherry tomatoes in two of them, and a lemon cucumber in the other.  My neighbor has dying strawberries in hers.  I think she forgets to water it.

Two Ace


Big Beef

Oregon Spring


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