Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Flowers

The apple tree has finished blooming, so now it's time to spray again.  Some sort of copper spray I think, I will ask at The Grange.  Or check the Master Gardeners' website.  I didn't see many bees around it this year; I hope everything is OK.  There were honey bees just below the tree, in the blueberries (see photo below), and a couple of aggressive bumble bees around it, trying to keep me away.  The next few weeks will tell if the apples got pollinated.  Then I get to thin them, and put them in panty hose!  Yes, panty hose, but you have to come back to see that!

Braeburn Apple Blossoms
Now, the blueberries are blossoming very nicely.  Draper is ahead of the Bluecrops, but several of them actually have quite a few flowers.  The bees have to climb into the bell-shaped flowers to get to the pollen. If each little bell forms a berry, there will be quite a few off such small plants.  Both these photos are Draper, a mid-season variety that is just a few days ahead of Bluecrop.  

The strawberries are loving their new bed!  They not only have loads of flowers, but the berries are quite formed for only April.  These are June bearers of an unknown variety.  

Some of the just plain pretties are the lilac, which I am pruning down to shrub-size little by little since it was overgrown with neglect.  Lilac smells so wonderful!  I always thought of lilac as an "old lady plant" since only my grandmothers had it!  But, here, it grows in nearly every yard.

I know I will be showing more of this, but the iris is blooming!  Not the new bed iris, the bed I planted last year.

The azaleas are ready to burst into bloom. There are two in planters that were here when I moved in.  I have fed them and added more soil, so they are happier than ever!

The winter pansies continue to outdo themselves.  They are so perfect, so bright, so distinct in their color patterns.  I just don't know why, but they just bring to mind a perfect flower!

The forsythia, flowering quince, crocus, daffodils,and other bulbs have already died back.  Creeping Charlie is starting to flower though.  I do wish it would creep the other direction, under the forsythia, instead of out into the path! 

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