Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Compost Pile Cucumbers

The "mystery" vegetables in the compost pile are cucumbers.  English cucumbers.  Those are the long, expensive kind my stores sell wrapped in plastic.  The burp-free kind.  The only kind I buy in fact. I threw out a rotten one a while back.  I had no idea the seeds could grow.  Since the seeds we buy are dry, I thought these green (as in not ripe green) seeds would have no chance of growing. I was so wrong! I think that a few over-ripe cherry tomatoes have started growing too. 

Cucumbers when still "mystery" plants in compost pile

Compost pile cucumbers and I think tomatoes!
I transplanted four of the biggest, healthiest cucumbers and one tomato (if that's what it is). 

The compost pile has garlic growing too.  I know where that came from.  The asparagus bed.  When I moved in garlic had overtaken the bed, and the nearby area where I planted climbing roses.  I am still digging them out. Pulling just leaves the bulb, and up they pop again. 

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