Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Iris, Cascadia Peas, and Pole Beans

So, there are two different purple bearded iris, and three others.  One is a ruffly pure white.  The other two defy a written description, so here they are.  The first one we call the "Cheeto" iris, because it's beard looks like a Cheeto! 

The Cascadia peas are blooming!

I planted pole beans (Kentucky Blue, a cross between the old standards Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake) on April 29.  I sort of used the Square Foot method, as you can see by the grids in the 4 x 4 bed.  There are about 8 or 9 beans per square.  Then I tied bamboo poles teepee style for them to climb.  I also planted them on either side of one of the wire trellises my son made, in the recycled gate bed.  One bean in the 4 x4 ("bean bed") was up today. 

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