Saturday, May 25, 2013

More Tomatoes, and Peppers at Long Last

Yes, more tomatoes. I do it every year!  I find new varieties and want to try them out.  Also, I wanted to find a small one to try out the Topsy Turvy.  So, at Walmart (which has some pretty nice plants, although not specific to my region like local nurseries carry) I got a Black Cherry tomato.  Also, two peppers, a Fajita Bell (spicy) and a Bonnie Green Bell.  "Bonnie" in the name just means it's from Bonnie's Plants, it's just a variety of green bell pepper.  I also got a pot of lemon cucumbers, with four plants growing in the pot.  I threw in a lobelia and a fuchsia too. 

Then, I stopped by the Grange Co-op  at the other end of town (near Walmart) where they have more plants than the one near me.  Oh... so many more plants!  Too bad my foot was hurting (it isn't well yet), or I could have spent much longer there than I was able to.  I got two peppers, California Wonder and Golden Summer (a yellow bell).  Also, an eggplant, Dusky.  I don't eat eggplant, but the plants even without fruit are so beautiful I like to plant them in the garden. 

The two larger peppers are in white plastic cat litter containers, the kind the company has discontinued and replaced with cardboard.  That's a shame.

Golden Summer Pepper - see the lemon cucumbers in the background?  Those are the ones that were overgrown, and now doing quite well!
The two little ones are in the recycled gate bed.  That's where the eggplant is too.

Dusky Eggplant, Fajita Bell Pepper, Bonnie Green Pepper, and the Mystery Tomato, Tom.

I put two of the lemon cucumbers in the cucumber bed, and two were left together planted in a Topsy Turvy.  I planted the Black Cherry on one too.  We'll see how they do, I have yet to see any actual upside down planters that look anything like the photos in the ads! Mostly I see dying and dead plants hanging on porches. 

Black Cherry Tomato in Topsy Turvy

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