Friday, May 17, 2013

PEAS! and other garden updates

The peas are ready for harvest!  We got a few the other day, which I added to pasta salad. This morning I picked an entire pan full.  Good thing we all like them!

Cascadia Peas
Now, we'll be eating peas every other day.  I don't mind.  I eat them raw in the garden, they are that good!

Cascadia Peas - after harvesting May 17, 2013

The tomatoes all have blossoms, and the Brandywine has set fruit.  I pinched some off one of the Aces, the plants don't look as good as any of the others.  Next time I water I am going to add tomato food. 

Tumbler - May 17, 2013
I had to replant the pole beans.  Three came up, the rest disappeared.  The soil was too wet and cold I think.  There are Jade bush beans planted in each cinder block hole, and they are coming up.  The holes in the larger cinder blocks are just right for a single bush bean.  No sense wasting space! 

Jade Bush Bean
The lemon cucumbers are blossoming, but so far, only male flowers.  The transplanted compost pile cucs are looking good.  I am leaving a few large ones in the compost pile. 

So, the spring planting is off to a good start.  The weather this week is cooler, so it's just as well I didn't put in any peppers yet. I did buy a 4-pack at the FFA sale, but when I got them home I noticed they were covered in aphids.  Not what I wanted to bring home, so they went straight to the garbage.  Not the green waste, where they would continue to feed, the garbage can. 

On a closing note, while the iris are about done (oh, there will be two blooms on the new bed after all!), I am getting nasturtiums, snapdragons (over wintered), and roses. 

New Dawn - climbing rose May 17, 2013

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