Apple Socks, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peas and More

Apple "socks" don't work.  I ordered "nylon maggot barriers" from Territorial Seed a month or so ago.  They are supposed to create a physical barrier to coddling moth larva and apple maggot flies.  I was extra careful to snug them on really well, and instead of tucking the ends around the stem I put a twist tie.  So far I have lost 3/4 of the apples to coddling moth larva anyway.  There is no mistaking the damage they leave behind!  You can see it right through the "socks."  Next year I bring out the poisons, which I had hoped to avoid.

"Socks" on baby apple
coddling moth damage
I picked the first lemon cucumber yesterday!  My daughter and I ate it before I remembered to take a photo!  There will be another tomorrow.  They are so good!  The taste of home grown lemon cucumbers and tomatoes can't be beat.

The tomatoes are going crazy.  Oregon Spring is in the lead if you count size of plant and number of fruit, but Big Beef was the first to form fruit.  The cherries must have hundreds of blooms!

Oregon Spring - sorry it's sideways, they get warped if I try to rotate them and post on this blog
Super Sweet Cherry
The peas are finished.  I am disappointed in the Lilly Miller brand I planted this year.  The formed peas before the pods were big enough to harvest, and then a lot of them only had one or two peas in them.  I wanted to eat most of them as sugar snap peas, in the pod, but I didn't get nearly enough.  Last year I was giving them away!  They were new for 2013, but I think I should have used the 2012 Territorial Seed ones instead.  I am supposed to sow more in July for a fall harvest.  July?  I just pulled the other ones out!

We have a new addition to the family!  A kitten.  He showed up on our carport last week, mewing in the heat, thirsty and extremely hungry.  Naturally we brought him inside.  I posted a Craigslist ad, and the next day found his owner.  But... between the time he got lost, and found by us, the woman had told her little boy the kitten had "gone to heaven" and had replaced him with two new kittens!  To be fair, she was told he'd been hit by a car.  But, her husband said "no way," to getting this one back. I wonder what she would have done if we had thrust him back to her?  The shelters are all full with kittens, and the county one has a respiratory infection running through the kitten kennels. So, it is unlikely he would have made it into adoption.  His name is Benny, short for Bensonmum (movie: Murder by Death). He is three months old. Edward the Goldendoodle wants to eat him.  Seriously.  It's a game of musical pets around here!

Benny - now could you put that little face out into the streets?


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