Saturday, July 20, 2013

Garden Update - July 20 - LOTS of Tomatoes!

OK, the tomatoes are ripening at a pace faster than I can eat them!  I eat the cherries as I pick, but still end up with a dozen a day extra.  I have six large tomatoes sitting on the counter, and I haven't  picked yet today!

Good thing I bought a dehydrator!  It's a Nesco 400 watt with five trays, but I got two additional trays, and two fruit roll-up sheets.  I used to have a Ronco dehydrator, but got rid of it when we moved here.  Too bad.  Or maybe a good thing, as this is newer, nicer, and is supposed to be faster.  We like apple chips that are tossed with sugar and cinnamon before drying.  But, the first use will be tomatoes!  I don't currently use dried tomatoes, but I will! 

There is a definite winner in the cherry tomato category, based on taste and production.  Sungold is by far the best tasting cherry tomato.  Super Sweet is not sweet compared to Sungold!  The plant this year is like last year's, rather spindly, but covered with fruits.

Sungold Cherry Tomato
Black Cherry hasn't ripened yet.  Tumbler had one and is coloring up some more.  Large Cherry is ripening, but tastes only so-so.  Super Sweet has lots of small tomatoes, smaller than Sungold.  I have a surprise cherry!  I recognize one of my transplants from the compost heap as coming from packaged tomatoes that I threw out there when they got soft.  They are long, like teeny Romas.

The lemon cucs are providing plenty!  Three or four per day, which is fine, as my daughter and I love them.

Another surprise from the compost heap were garlic!  I know I weeded dozens of tiny garlic plants out of the asparagus beds, but I had no idea they would grow and produce big bulbs!  I have them drying. The dog in the photo is Edward, the Golden Doodle.  He has an obsession with licking everything new.  My youngest son calls it his "lick-a-dick-diction."  Library books, shoes, plates of food, anything he hasn't licked before undergoes his welcome!  Edward's a sweet ol' guy (only four), but, no, he still can't be in the room with the kitten.

To be continued...
Garlic and Edward

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