What's Happening in the Garden

The volunteers in the compost heap are doing well.  I haven't caught any squash bugs or located any eggs for the past two days.  There are several different kinds of squash-type plants growing.  One may be pumpkin, and there may be a few acorn squash.  I am continuing to add kitchen scraps (over-ripe watermelon, tea bags, cucumber and tomato peels) to the pile, between the plants.

compost heap volunteer squash-of-some-sort - July 30


If only we liked to eat eggplant... but, we don't. I grow it for the gorgeous plant, flowers, and fruit.  I need to find someone (neighbor, daughter's boyfriend, Craigslist stranger?) to take them off my hands.

Dusky eggplant - July 30


These are so good eaten in the garden like apples!  I just have to watch out for the ones with holes. Earwigs (or just one who has the job of chewing the hole?) make the hole and a bunch of them crawl inside the pepper!

I am quite pleased with the number of peppers forming on all four plants.  Last year I had a small harvest, then a larger one in late August, so hopefully that will happen again.  

green pepper broken open with one of the "resident" earwigs


Some just-for-fun plants are the decorative gourds and turban gourds.  The squash bugs liked the turban gourds, but I seem to be winning the battle against them.

I just love their little curly tendrils!


Finally got enough in one picking for a meal.  The bush beans in cinder block holes are doing well.  The pole beans in the bean bed are finally taking off.  The ones in the recycled gate bed are very lush.


I only grow lemon cucumbers.  They are very easy to grow, and very productive.  Some days they are too productive! I have eight plants.  Two are together in a Topsy Turvy.  The other six are in the raised cinder block bed.  Four were from the FFA sale, the other two from Walmart.

To be continued...


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