The Herb Garden

The herb garden is doing nicely.  It makes me happy every time I see it off the deck!  The summer flowers are almost spent, and it nearly time to cut back the mint for winter.

The terra cotta pot holds orange mint.  In the tier below that are rosemary, sage and lemon thyme.

rosemary, lemon thyme and sage
 On the main level are chocolate mint, peppermint, wooly apple mint, two types of oregano, chives, creeping thyme, nutmeg thyme, and some baby cilantro seedlings.


chocolate mint, peppermint in upper left,  and on right wooly apple mint (2)

wooly apple mint and on right in rock circle pruned back oregano

creeping thyme
On the deck is a container of pineapple mint.

pineapple mint
I have yet to transplant the lemon balm (lemon mint).  This is the one I got (along with two oreganos) in trade for some mints a few weeks ago. It is getting a lot of new growth.  The leaves are so deliciously lemon scented!  I will probably just prune off all the taller stalks and leave the new growth at the bottom, then plant it in the herb garden, or a pretty container. 

lemon balm
I cut a branch off a large shrub that overhangs part of the herb garden, so the herbs will get more sunlight.  The shrub has been neglected for years and has been allowed to grow to tree-size.  I am cutting it down to size; it grows back from the base quite well.  I cut back the over-grown lilac bush the same.  There is a blue tree (blue spruce?) that has to go nearby too.  It leans way over, and at some point someone bolted a chain into the trunk (who thought that was a good idea?) in an attempt to keep it upright. I love the color of the tree, but most of it is dead underneath the outer branches, and in the neighbor's yard as well. 

tree-shrub pruning to allow more sun to the herb garden, pruned back lilac in corner of yard.
leaning tree with chain
chain and bolt system of some sort cutting into the tree trunk


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