Friday, August 9, 2013

We've Got Tomatoes!

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then here's four-thousand word's worth of pictures!  All today's harvest.

Meford and Oregon Spring tomatoes, and a green pepper

Tumbler, Medford, and Big Beef

Large Cherry, Super Sweet, Sungold and a few green beans

Close up- these are all Tumbler! 

I have a new recipe for tomato/pasta sauce I am trying out today. The instructions start with peeling the tomatoes, but seeing the ingredients all go into a crock-pot for 6-8 hours, I am going to put them in as is and strain it later.

The Black Cherry tomatoes are ripening.  They taste pretty much like any other cherry tomato.  Pretty color, not a very dark color like I was expecting, but definitely the color of black cherries! So, it isn't "black" cherry tomato, but "black cherry" tomato! 

The compost heap tomatoes are turning color.  These are definitely grown from the tomatoes I threw out during the winter.  I buy packages of these long cherry tomatoes in plastic containers.  I never thought the rotten ones would grow months later!

Cherry Roma?

 Tom, the mystery tomato (missing the variety label, so only $1.00) must be an Ace.  There was a ripe fruit a few days ago, which I ate like an apple! It tasted Ace-like (a good thing), and the plant has the bush growth rather than vining, as Ace does.  As long as it tastes as good as an Ace, I don't really care what it is!  I pulled out my two Ace tomatoes yesterday. They were spindly, with few small tomatoes.  No sense wasting water on something that isn't producing well!  They joined the Cherokee Purple in the compost heap (well, the compost heap next to the real compost heap, where the pumpkins and acorn squash have taken over!).


  1. Oh wow, so many tomatoes! In Finland, you can hardly grow them without a glasshouse. I suppose, because the nights are not warm enough and often the summers can be rainy (not so this year, though). I had only a few "Tiny Tom" that didn´t taste very well, too watery. I look at yours instead :-)

  2. Your tomatoes are gorgeous!! All the wet weather in the northeast has mine splitting on the vine if I let them get too ripe. I'll have to remember that tumbler variety - they are stunning!

  3. Yes, Tumbler is a wonderful producer, and a medium sized container plant, but if I plant it again it will be in the garden, not a pot. It is a rather ugly plant to have on the deck! Spidery, sparsely leaved.

    I notice you homeschool. This fall will begin my 20th and last year homeschooling!