Harvest Time

There have been some nice harvests lately!  Besides the tomatoes I mean...

tomato harvest August 30
I have some of the compost heap volunteer acorn squash. I found a nice fat hidden one after this photo was taken.  They'll be turned into "pumpkin!"

acorn squash - August 30
Lots of green beans, pole and bush.

green beans - August 25
Lots of lemon cucumbers, three or four average a day.

lemon cucumbers - August 26
I've had quite a few nice green peppers, small but tasty.  The Fajita Bell was a bit too spicy (actually it burnt my son's throat for quite a long time), so I pulled it out.

There are a handful of adorable decorative gourds and mini pumpkins.  Where the Baby Boo's came from I don't know, they suddenly appeared in the compost heap!

Winged Decorative Gourd

                          Decorative Gourd

  Turban Gourd                Baby Boo

What have I been doing with it all?  Well, we eat the cucumbers and peppers right away.  I have yet to cook the squash into "pumpkin."  (I use winter squash in any recipe calling for pumpkin.  The taste is identical.)  I have canned more tomatoes.

I dehydrated another tomato batch too.  After running out of canning jars, with several pounds of tomatoes left, I offered them free on Craigslist.  The man who committed to taking them didn't show, and I ended up throwing them out.  What an unnecessary waste. 

Unfortunately, I discovered just in time that I can't safely water can green beans.  My grandmother always did, and no one got sick, but it is advised to only use a pressure canner for beans.  I had the jars all ready to go too.  So, I had to freeze them instead.

green beans I had to de-jar and freeze


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