Saturday, September 7, 2013

Late Summer Storm and Late Summer Sadness

The day before yesterday brought us a thunderstorm with hail!  Last year we had a heavy hail in June, so it's apparently going to be a regular summer thing.  It was a nice break in the heat, and my son and I ran out into the backyard to enjoy it!  Boo was in heaven!  Rain gushing down the downspouts, hail plummeting from the sky... he ran open mouthed to and fro, coughing and choking in glee.  He loves his water weather!

Boo's favorite "gutter game" location

A few of the tomatoes suffered some damage, each losing several branches with fruit.  It wasn't nearly as bad as last year, when the hail was larger, and punched holes in leaves, and tattered pepper plants. 

Sadness?  Well, nothing is sadder in the garden than late summer dying back.  I pulled the rest of my pole and bush beans.  There were quite a few pods on the pole beans, but they were empty.  They pods grew to a few inches long, with not a single bean inside! 

empty bean pods
The cucumbers are slowing down, and the bases of the plants are yellowing.  Medford and Oregon Spring tomatoes have a second growth with a few new flowers.  I discarded Super Sweet, which really wasn't (sweet or super), and Tumbler, which was just a very ugly plant!

On a positive note,  the registration information came for November's Winter Dreams/Summer Gardens symposium!  More about that later... so many session choices.  "Caneberries in the Backyard" or "Create a Rock Garden?"  Would I benefit more from "Tree Care: The Necessary Skills" or "Soil Identification: What Do I Do with It?" 

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