AAA = Apologies All Around

I owe even myself an apology.  I love adding new posts to this blog. I love choosing photos for each post.  So, with no excuses, let me get back to it!

Everything has died back now.  I have a few lettuces growing, but nothing to "write home about," as they say.  Or at least as my mother used to say.

The blueberry bushes are turning pretty colors. Even though they don't need it, I am going to transplant them into larger containers (such as the one under the planted pot below) once they are dormant.  Then I am going to put the containers out near my back chain-link fence.  We need a bit of a screen there, and I think the berry bushes will get large enough to do.

Bluecrop Blueberry

The boysenberry brambles turned red, and are now shedding their leaves.  Just imagine all those primocanes bearing fruit next year! 

The raspberry is dropping its leaves too.  Until I got the boysenberries I planned to put in a bed of raspberries, but I don't need them now.  The canes grew so long, I knew I needed to move the plant somewhere more permanent.  I am not so sure how well it's going to work, but I moved the container over to the raised bed, and wound the primocanes onto three of the trellises I got last year.  It looks kind of (okay, very) lopsided because the canes were so long I couldn't put the plant in the middle and go both ways!  No wonder raspberry beds are complicated contraptions with wires.

Meeker Raspberry - November 2011
Meeker Raspberry on "new" trellis
I harvested a nice little crop of Cinderella pumpkins, as well as some other variety from the compost heap.

So, now it's just a matter of watering when it doesn't rain, and waiting for dormancy to prune and transplant. 

My son cut one of our overgrown shrubs down to size.  The herb garden gets a lot more light. 

We have also been putting the lawn (did I say lawn?  I mean mud and weed patch) border rocks in place with concrete. It's working out pretty well. 

We are also removing junipers from the front yard, which is a story for another day.  That and my new Craigslist bargain!


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