No vegetables from my own garden, I don't try to grow fall crops anymore.

We had a few nights in the 20s lately.  I am still amazed how tender lettuce survives the cold.  It will be literally frozen stiff, yet thaw without harm.

I finally got around to cutting the asparagus back nearly to the ground.  After the freezing temperatures the fronds were totally dead.  Then a layer of steer manure to fertilize, since you can't dig it in without damaging the plants.  I do wonder how old these plants are, and how many more years they will be productive.  The plants will produce for 20-30 years, but these may have been planted that long ago!   I think I will plant a new bed this coming spring.  It's never to early to think about spring!

asparagus bed prepared for winter
This is where I will be moving my blueberries later this winter.  They will be in the large containers they are sitting atop now.  I have four Bluecrop and one sickly looking Draper I will replace.  Then they can grow and grow and give a bit of a privacy hedge in case the condos are ever built in that lot behind us.  There is one there now, to the right of the photo, and plans were approved years ago for more, so eventually they'll be there. 

The berries were so pretty a few weeks ago.

Bluecrop blueberry


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