More Free Iris!

I love iris!  I love getting my iris free even better!  I got free iris a few days ago off Craigslist. If you have a local CL, check out the "free" or "farm and garden" posts daily and find free things for your garden too!

This is the third time I have gotten free iris rhizomes. Iris needs to be divided every few years, so it's pretty common to find people giving the extra rhizomes away.

These new ones are solid deep purple.  Or, they will be, if not this spring, in 2015.  That sounds so far off, but the iris I got in 2011 bloomed this past spring, and the time flew by. 

First, I soaked the iris in a hydrogen peroxide solution for about 20 minutes. Then I lay them in the sun to dry.  You can use bleach too, but I didn't have any.  It's important to do this, especially with plants you are introducing into your own yard.   Rinse well!

soaking in hydrogen peroxide solution (the boney hand in the background is a Halloween decoration!)

drying in sun
Ideally you should have a bed ready to plant.  But, while I know where the iris will be planted, I am nowhere near ready to do so!  So, I temporarily put them in one of my raised garden beds.  In a few months I will transplant them.  This might put their possible spring blooms off until the next year, but it can't be helped.  

These will be planted under my front living room window.  Currently there are overgrown and nasty ol' juniper bushes growing there.  I am not a juniper fan.  Once my green waste trash can is empty, I will start tearing the junipers out.  There are already rocks (of course there are...) bordering the area, so I will just need to dig in some nice soil.  And remove the ever-present and unwanted black plastic sheeting the former owners were so fond of.

Let me share my other free iris photos. 

1) Free neglected iris, formerly planted in very small, shallow bulb planters.  Originally from a city park iris bed.  These did not bloom the first year transplanted. 

2) Free well-treated iris.  The woman had already disinfected them with a bleach solution.  I had to plant these in temporary containers.  Most will bloom next spring.

3) Free iris from last week, temporarily planted in a raised bed.

Craigslist is a wonderful resource for free plants! 



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