Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Doldrums

I guess it's the winter doldrums literally, if we take it to mean a lack of wind. But, I just mean inactivity in general, particularly in the garden areas.

It's cold. It's foggy.  It's wet.  It's no fun to be out in the garden, and there's nothing much to do even if I do go out.  So, there's little going on.

I did manage to cut out the bamboo choking the forsythia (which is getting buds!).  Never... never... never plant bamboo in the ground. Keep that stuff contained!  I didn't plant it, it came with the house.

Fortunately the heavy freezes last month seems to have killed back some of it.

My son and I (mostly my son, although I was instrumental in steadying the ladder) cut a lot of dead or ugly branches off the leaning tree.  It looks better, so I don't think it needs to come down completely.  If the neighbor's want the two dead ones on their side off, they are welcome to do it!
Tomorrow the trash will finally take away the last of the branches.  Then I can start removing the junipers from the front yard. Oh, the transplanting of the iris to that area may have to wait.  I probably need to have new windows installed (water is forming between the windows and the storm windows, and apparently going right down into the wood, causing the paint to peel all the way down to bare boards) and I don't want the workers to trample them.  I've never owned a house before.  It sure is one thing after another, isn't it?  

At least I can plan the spring garden.  Seed catalogs have already started to appear in the mail.  I also need to buy another blueberry bush, as well as transplant the ones I have into larger containers. Then, the family put to a vote what kind of fruit tree to plant to replace poor Dale.  Peach won.  That means a Frost peach or an Oregon Curl Free peach, as I have childhood memories of peach leaf curl on my father's trees.  Frost and Oregon Curl Free are curl resistant, if not proof.  I'd still like an apple some day.

While I long for a sunny day, we really need some rainy ones.  My back-back yard is usually underwater this time of year, but is only damp from foggy mornings.  Nice for now, bad for summer drought possibilities.