Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Frosty" the Frost Peach

I know, not very original calling a Frost Peach "Frosty."  Not nearly as clever as calling the apple tree "Dale," but he's dead and chipped for compost by now, so we move on to, if not bigger, better (as in healthier) things.  Enter "Frosty."

I researched peaches and found either a Frost or an Oregon Curl Free would be the healthiest, and I need all the help I can get keeping fruit trees healthy.  I have kept my eyes open for Frost since the bare root selections showed up a few weeks ago.  One nursery had a potted one for some outrageous price like $50, another source wouldn't have them until March 20 (too late for bare root), but low and behold Flowerland in Central Point had them!  I drove right over in the rain and got one!  $22, not a bad price.  My son and I got it right into the ground, or raised bed in this case.  The nurseryman said a raised bed was a good idea for a peach anyway, since they like good drainage.   Nice to know, since I don't have good drainage without raised beds!  He showed me where to prune it if I wanted to keep it lower and branched out too.

Frost Peach - March 3, 2014 - Edward the Goldendoodle sauntering by...
top I pruned off per nurseryman's instructions 3-5-14

"Frosty" the Frost Peach 3-5-14 (the green grass is misleading... under it is swampy soil!)

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