Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Peas are Planted

My daughter and I planted Cascadia peas a few days ago.  I moved them to a new location, so hopefully they'll do as well as before.  The bed is one that hasn't been successful in the past, but I dug in a bag of steer manure, a bag of yard waste compost, a bunch of peat, some bonemeal, and a few handfuls of pelleted fertilizer.  How could the peas not be happy with all that?

We planted three packets of peas, first dampened and tossed with inoculant.  They should be up any day now!  Cascadia grow the best for me.  We eat them as pods and as shell peas.  They grow abut 3' high, and are pretty self-supporting, but I do provide trellises for them.  It makes it easier for me.  I only plant peas from Territorial Seed.  I have planted other brands, but they aren't as productive.  


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