Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Berries, Berries, Berries

The various berries are doing terrific! 

Blueberries seem to just love their new large nursery pots.  They are all just loaded with flowers.  And each one of those flowers will be a blueberry!

Bluecrop Blueberry - April 2014

Legacy Blueberry - April 2014

The Blueberry "Patch" - April 2014
The Meeker raspberry has come back nicely. I think I needed to prune back the canes more when they were dormant, as the leaves and buds are all on the end few feet.  Flower buds though!   Then I had to removed a lot of baby plant suckers from the container.  I transplanted them in various planters and containers, and so far some look like they'll survive my inexperience.  If so, I will need to build a raspberry bed!

Lots of new plants coming up - April 2014

Transplanted suckers...

... more suckers - April 2014 (They cannot stay here, I need this bed for tomatoes!)
Boysenberries are leafing out, and showing flower buds!  There is also new growth for next years fruiting canes!

Boysenberries - April 2014
Today I noticed that the strawberries are blooming!  I cleaned out the bed a few weeks ago, and it looks so much better.  I dug out some of the daughters that had rooted over the winter and moved them into another bed.  I have to find some proven sow bug repellent, I lost a lot of fruit to them last year.  Just as they were ripening for human enjoyment, the sow and/or pill bugs ate them!  And... yes... it's the sow bugs!  I say that because many will say that sow bugs and pill bugs only eat dead, decaying plant matter.  I have seen with my own eyes the damage they do to ripe strawberries.  They eat little holes and actually curl up in them, waking to eat more!  So, if someone tells you it isn't the sow bugs, just ignore them!  Some of the plants will need dividing next fall. 

June Bearing Strawberries - April 2014

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