Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just a Bunch of Garden Stuff!

The weather is so cold lately we had to turn the heaters back on, and there is snow on the foothills!  I wonder if the plants are confused by warm then cold, warm then cold?  It's supposed to be 85 on Wednesday! 

Here's what's been happening in my garden...

Frost peach blossoms:

Berries, Berries, Berries:

New Herbs: I went in the Grange Coop for a cilantro and a basil, came out with not only cilantro and basil, but tarragon, French lavender, pineapple sage (yes, it smells like pineapple!), orange mint, some new kind of rosemary, golden oregano, catnip, and one other that escapes my memory!  TEN little herbs.  But, at $1.00 each, how could I resist?  I couldn't!  A few are planted in the herb garden, others in pots, and the pineapple sage, rosemary, and golden oregano are going to go out front with some lavender and rock roses that are on order from a nursery near Portland (OR).  They all need little water even in the summer.

I transplanted a lot of mint starts, and some baby chives that must have grown from seeds.

Tomato:  The Tomato Lady is open for business (weather permitting)!  I only got one so far, but will be picking up an Ace and a Sungold cherry.  I did get a Siletz.  It's another tomato, like Oregon Spring, developed at Oregon State University, so it should do well in my yard (in Oregon!).  I didn't care for Oregon Spring last year, it was very early, very productive, but tasteless. 

Eggs:  OK, so eggs aren't garden produce, but I did get them from The Tomato Lady!  They are from  Araucana chickensThey are also called "Easter Egg" chickens, and this photo shows why!

Flowers:  The daffodils and forsythia are done, but the next wave of spring blossoms are starting to appear.


Iris, which was supposed to be transplanted before it bloomed, but I didn't get around to it!  Now I have changed my mind, and want lavender outside the front windows. This bed was supposed to be for bush beans.

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