Spring! Spring?

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Seems like spring already.

Daffodils and dwarf iris in bloom...

If I'd known what the dwarf iris looked like I'd have planted them in clumps...
Feb. 19
Asparagus up...

Flowering quince in full bloom...

Blueberry bushes budding...

Legacy Blueberry
Feb. 2015
All about a month early.  The weather has been warm, 60s.  All winter's been warm.  There were a few days with some frost, and two where the dog's outdoor water (they are house dogs mostly) was frozen a bit, but nothing like it should have been.  Poor itchy Edward the Goldendoodle.  He needs a hard frost to help his seasonal allergies and allow him to stop taking his antihistamines. Didn't happen, and probably won't now.  I hope it doesn't mean an extra early, extra hot summer.

I planted a new fruit tree today!  Right in a hole in the ground, no raised beds or fuss.  I have no success with fussing over fruit trees (Dale the Braeburn had his borers, last year's Frosty the Frost peach has some sort of canker), so doing the opposite!  It's a Pluot, Flavor Supreme variety.  A Pluot is 70% plum and 30% apricot.  The 50/50 hybrids are plumcots.

Now, I have previously mentioned, more than once (okay, probably more than thrice) that the yard is full of rocks.  But, this is ridiculous!  All that grassy expanse, and when I ask my son to dig a hole "here" he hits rocks!  Not small rocks, like normal, natural rocks.  No, big rocks, like the kind we have in the walk-ways or tucked under the deck.  My son insists the previous owners (we call them "Sainted Eleanor," due to the endless praise extolled upon her by the neighbors, and "Eleanor's husband") must have buried them!  Bury rocks?  A foot deep?  Randomly around the yard?  I hope not!

I planted peas.  It had rained quite a bit last month (not cold, but wet), so I didn't get out to prepare proper pea beds.  I didn't even have proper peas.  The Grange Co-op didn't have Territorial Seed Cascadia, and as I was running late, I just bought some Sugar Snap pea seeds from the Dollar Tree for 25 cents a pack!  Won't it be a surprise if they produce well!  I planted them in the recycled gate bed, and where I used to have a couple of blue tubs, against the fence where the trellis is.  I threw out all the plastic containers I was using.  They didn't do well, and were falling apart.  I also dismantled the 4 x 4 cedar bed I bought at The Home Depot.  It was too shallow and nothing ever grew well in it. The pieces are temporarily by the fence trellis, with peas.

There are going to be lots of raspberry plants!  The original ten babies are spreading!  Above ground they look dormant and stringy, but below ground they have been spreading and have now started to put up runners.  Lots of them!  Fine by me, the more the "berrier!"

So, things are looking up in the garden.  I won't be planting nearly so many vegetables this spring as I have in the past.  Only the ones I really love, and only as many as I can reasonably eat!


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