Monday, April 13, 2015

Early Spring... then back to cold... then Spring Again...

The weather can't make up its mind!  We had such an early Spring in February, but it didn't last.  We got more cold weather, although no hard frosts or freezes.  In fact, I don't think we had a single night with a hard frost all winter.  Not a good thing.  For one, my Goldendoodle needs a hard frost to help his allergies.  He wasn't able to get off his antihistamines all winter, and now it's spring again.  Secondly, while we don't have a flea problem, it never got cold enough to control the fleas.  So, nearly everybody and his brother has terrible flea problems.  Good for business, bad for pets.

I finally got the Plumcot moved.  I should say "we" got it moved.  There is no way I could have done it without my son.  Thanks son!  He moved the cinder blocks from each end of the large bed (now the raspberry bed) to build a raised planter for the tree, then moved all the soil from those areas to plant the tree!  Hard work.  And all he asks in return is a Dutch Bros. "Double Chocolate Mocha - blended, no whip."  Thanks son!  The tree has some teeny-tiny plumcots, I am not sure they will hold though, the tree is young, and we disturbed it moving it around. 

Plumcot "Luther" - March 2015 (yes, the grass is in dire need of mowing!)

The peas are a bust (so far).  I shouldn't be surprised.  They were an afterthought, the weather was weird, and I was cheap and instead of my usual (and reliable) Territorial Seeds Cascadia, I bought some 25 cent packs at the Dollar Tree!  I'll be shocked if they produce...  The "bed" is temporary, built from the scraps of the 4 x4 that never did well, and the soil from the blue plastic bins (that started to crack and make a mess).  My goal is to get some cedar boards and make a substantial one for cucumbers later on. 

The boysenberries and Bluecrop blueberries are ready to bloom.  Legacy blueberry is ahead of the others.   A few strawberries have put out blossoms too.  The raspberries (Meeker) are taking over the 4 x 8 bed, even coming up in the cinder block holes and surrounding soil!

Legacy Blueberry


Meeker Raspberries

Raspberries Escaping their Bed
Naturally, I got some new herbs...  pineapple sage (unfortunately an annual here) and English thyme.  I have more in mind, but they will have to be ordered online.  I haven't had a chance to plant them yet, which may be a good thing, since the nights are still very cool. 

Garden Sage, Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Chives - all three years old
The front yard irises actually look like I hoped they would!

The day lilies are coming back for the season...

...and the mixed bed is growing like crazy.  I think the soil may be too rich.  There is a tremendous amount of foliage growth, more than normal.  I hope the rockroses bloom.  That bright green plant on the left is Golden Oregano. 

I planted a new rockrose by the sidewalk.  It is a Helianthemum, the others are all Cistus.  I am not sure why both genus are called "rockrose."  Or why there are even two, the leaves and flowers look the same to me! 

"Henfield Brilliant" Rockrose

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