Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! Look what I got....

Look what I got for Christmas!

"Good Grips" compost bin
Don't laugh!  I've been asking for a container for the kitchen counter in which to keep my compostable scraps.  My daughter gave me this model, from OXO.  It's very nice, and the best thing, it doesn't use a filter (which just adds more expense and upkeep, and which wouldn't get changed as often as advised).

I transferred the composting material from my current sauce pan with lid, and trotted it out to the compost pile.  Just look at those lovely banana peels and coffee grounds.  I am going to post about them, and other super-healthy-for-your-soil compost material, soon. 

first load
Unfortunately, that little "trot" was through the waterlogged back yard.  It's a beautiful, sunny, Christmas day (after a very cold, icy, and cloudy week), but the yard has its seasonal puddles.

Rain water just can't drain in clay soil.  Yes... there's Boo again!  He loves the camera.  Actually this time he was eating nice green grass.  Edward the Goldendoodle was feeling under the weather, after suffering an epileptic seizure in the middle of the Christmas gift opening festivities.  The excitement was too much for him.

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