Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Little Work in the Garden

Not much as been able to be accomplished since the "big snow."  Things are still soggy, slippery with mud, and just plain icky out there. 

But, I want to plant snap peas, so had to get busy since they go in this month.  I usually plant Cascadia, but neither my favorite seed company (Territorial), nor my employer (Grange Co-op) carries them anymore.

The original pea bed (mentioned in my second post ever!) was between the fence and the big cinder block bed.  That was fine before the bed overgrew with Meeker raspberries but it became hard to get to, and didn't get enough sunlight.  I hadn't planted peas in it for years, it only had some small strawberries, survivors from the big strawberry purge of 2016 (not documented here, but I let the big bed of strawberries die last summer since I couldn't beat the bugs).  Now I'm sorry...  but back to the peas...

I moved the concrete blocks (I know I called the "cinder" blocks before, and I believe they are called that in stores, but they do not contain cinders anymore, they are concrete!) next to the raised bed near the fence.  I made it two blocks wide instead of one, but it's still about 8' long.  It is wide enough to put trellises in the middle with a row of peas on either side.  Because of the length I had to add an extra block to even it out, which bothers me a bit, being uneven!

There are four blocks left, which makes a nice sized square for lettuce.  Both peas and lettuce grow well planted in February.

Planning and planting this month makes it feel that Spring is just around the corner!  So do the vibrant colors of Primroses!

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