Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bargain Plants, Planters, General Garden "Stuff" and a New Fruit Tree!

I am finding it more dangerous to work at a farm store (which has a nursery and garden department too!) than a pet store!  In two and a half years at the pet store I only bought two Guinea pigs (who did double the investment!), and three baby rats.  The garden supplies are doing me in!  We had some very cute succulent planters that didn't sell well, and the succulents were dying (inside, no sun), so instead of just throwing them out, we were able to buy them for $1.00 each. The succulents, not the planters, they were more.

I limited myself to five...  The one on the right in the photo below is a mutated form of a jade plant. It's called "Gollum."  I didn't name it, that's it's real name, Crassula ovata "Gollum."  I'm pretty sure the bottom two photos are gasteria. 

Then, the containers themselves, which were 80% off what they cost when new and filled with the succulents... they are so cute!  I may get some more in different styles. 

I also stumbled on a clearance ceramic planter... a broken bag of peat moss, and three broken bags of steer manure (broken bags are sold at a discount!). Then, I went to Lowe's for a new door knob for the bathroom and got mushroom compost, chicken manure, and a few other bags of soil related things.

And, there's Stella!  The bare root semi-dwarf Stella cherry tree!  She's from the Grange Co-op.

She came free with a container of root stimulator.

So, I've got my work cut out for me, once it stops raining. I still have to build the butterfly garden bed, and now the raised bed for the cherry tree.  I discovered the curved scalloped edgers I want are available at my work, and the grey (instead of red) ones are clearance priced!  I told you I'm in big trouble working at the farm store!  So far it's all been sale though.

These next two photos are just to share the cuteness I live with, not covered in mud for once.

Finally, a good photo of Edward the Goldendoodle, just out of the bath!  Yes, we know he has a cyst on his eyelid, he will be having it removed soon... He also was diagnosed today with a thyroid issue, so along with his epilepsy and allergies, he will be taking 8 1/2 pills a day! Those Nylabone toys are the only thing Edward can't chew up. 
The ever-photogenic Boo... although here he looks a bit frightened. 

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