Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Jelly Bean" Blueberry and Some Other Neat Stuff!

As a co-worker said, I had a "busman's holiday" on my day off today!  I went to my work place and bought some fantastic plants. (My co-worker also said "kids" wouldn't know what a "busman's holiday" was... it's doing what you do for work on your time off.  Like a bus driver taking a trip by bus.)

BrazelBerries is a brand name of some varieties of berry.

They are dwarf varieties, perfect for containers, of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.  Mine is called "Jelly Bean."  The snow and cold weather killed the French lavender that was growing in a ceramic pot on my deck, so I was looking for a replacement plant.  Jelly Bean seemed like the perfect thing!  I had some leftover acid lovers soil, which blueberries need. 

"Jelly Bean" blueberry
I also bought a beautiful edible I had never heard of before, a "Raspberry Dressing Rumex."  I had never even heard of "rumex" before!  It looks like a spinach/chard relative, and turns out it's a kind of dock.  Alright, what's dock?  I have a vague image of some kind of edible weed growing wild in ditches when I think of dock plants.  That image may come from a novel, or something else I read a long time ago.  At any rate, this plant is incredibly beautiful, and after seeing it last night at work I had to buy my very own today!  And it's a perennial!  I planted it in my new bargain ceramic pot.  It's named for its taste, similar to raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing. 

Last year's dormant perennials are on sale, and I was able to limit myself to only two.  One is a healing herb, Feverfew.

The other is Tickseed, or Coreopsis.  This variety has more lacy leaves than some.  Butterflies love Tickseed, so this is for the yet-to-be-built Butterfly Garden. 

I got another Tickseed too, with different leaves.

"Cruzin' Main St." and "Up Tick" are such silly names for plant varieties!

Since this year's plans include extending the front yard rock garden, I got a pretty pink Armeria, or Sea Thrift.  The color is a deep pink called "Morning Star." 

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