Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Too Rainy to do Much...

It's been raining and raining, and even snowing, most every day.  The few sunny days are, predictably, not on my days off.   This is not the rainy part of Oregon!

So, my peas didn't get planted (I needed to move soil from bed to bed).  I'll just use that bed for green beans later on, if it ever dries out.

Stella the cherry is thankfully still dormant in her bare-root bag.  I have yet to even buy the blocks needed for the raised bed.  

I did get some more bargains though!

Raised bed corners...  

You screw 2x8 (I may need to use two 2x4s, I can't seem to find 2x8 in cedar) lumber into the corner brackets, and pop on the plastic top.  I did NOT pay the sticker price of $24.99 per box!  I was putting out new product at work and found these dusty old boxes behind other items, for $5.00 each!  The odd thing?  There are two in each box, which is totally ridiculous considering you are making a rectangle not an L!  You need two boxes, which would run $50.00!  No way would I pay that (I do not work for that merchant, we just happened to carry some of their items a few years ago).

The curved concrete edging for the butterfly garden...

I like the gray better than the red I thought I would have to get.  Actually, I thought I'd have to get straight edgers, as both Home Depot and Lowe's quit carrying the curved.  Low and behold, my own employer, at my own store, has the curved in both red and gray!  And the gray was on discount for .92 each!  I got enough for three 4' diameter circles.

Will I get either of these new projects done this spring?  If the ground dries, sure.  Otherwise, they'll keep.  All those butterfly garden seeds will keep as well, seeds don't expire the year they are dated.  Fewer may grow, but with hundreds in a pack, I'm not worried.

What keeps my hopes up that spring will eventually arrive...

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