Friday, April 7, 2017

Butterfly Garden Construction

Finally one of my days off was dry enough to work on the Butterfly Garden.

Step one:  Have my son mow the overgrown grass underneath the cardboard.  If I were really particular, I would have dug it up, and leveled it all out.  But, I'm not.

Can you believe the weeds in the iris bed?  

Step two:  Lay down weed barrier cloth where the path will be.  This is just from the Dollar Tree.

Step three: Place the scalloped tree ring edging (I placed them on cardboard, which I then cut to fit).  I will align these better when I add the soil, right now they are not quite round!

The triangular space in the center will make a perfect spot for a container grown perennial butterfly plant.
Step four:  Should be to add the soil, but I haven't bought it yet.  I will be filling the beds with Gardner & Bloom raised bed soil.  It comes in 3cf bags, and this month I can get a free bag by buying three.  I can easily use three!  I usually mix up my own soil, but this is nice organic soil for just $9.99 per bag (and one free!).  If I figured correctly, one bag will be more than enough for one circle.

So, my step four was to try out some mulch for the path.  I had been to Lowe's again to check out the broken bags, and hit pay dirt (I guess the pun is intended!) with 50% off bark mulch that was already on sale!  $1.00 a bag!  I wish it were a bit more barky than mulchy, it looks like compost.  I thought pea gravel would be nice, but if it leaves the path that would cause problems for the lawn mower. 

It may be a while before I get out there again; the weather took a turn for the worse today.  Very, very windy and cold. 

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