Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Three "Rs" - Rain, Roses, and Rock Gardens

The Three Rs: 

RAIN: It's raining... again.  I only got two things accomplished on my "garden to-do list" this weekend ("my weekend" = Tuesday and Wednesday).

1- purchased buy-three-get-one-free raised bed potting mix.  I'll use it for the butterfly garden rings. It contains "recycled forest products, coir, perlite, dehydrated chicken manure, composted chicken manure, hydrolyzed feather meal, peat moss, kelp meal, worm castings, bat guano."  Yummy stuff for vegetables!  

2- planted a miniature rose.  

ROSES: I didn't intend on buying a rose, let alone two.  But, the remaining bare root Week's roses at work were on sale for just $5.00.  I bought a miniature, Whimsy.  At least that is what the package said.  The label on the plant says it's a Winsome.  I suppose the label will be the correct one, since I really wanted the other! I like the shape of Whimsy's flowers, and wanted the "light apple" fragrance. Winsome has "little" fragrance!  

I planted Whimsy/Winsome in the big pot that held the wallflower that died this past winter.  It may not have died due to the cold and snow.  I learned that wallflowers are short-lived perennials and mine was long past its prime.  It was here when I moved in, and that was 5 1/2 years ago.  I refilled the pot with new potting soil mixed with some of the raised bed mix.  Then watered it (in the rain) with the root stimulater liquid I got free for buying the cherry tree.  I was told that was the best thing for now, not the rose fertilizer. 

ROCK GARDEN: I bought a few rock garden plants for the front yard.  I don't include that in my weekend accomplishments because the plants are still waiting in their pots.  Waiting for a clear day and my time.  I do have five days off soon!  One is for the city-wide garage sale.  One is for the Master Gardener's Spring Plant Fair.  So, three are for me... me... me!  That's the plan anyway.

blue fescue (6 pack) and creeping phlox ("Emerald Blue"
"Emerald Blue?"  Emeralds are green. Plus the photo is pale purple, not blue or green!

The blue fescue I planted last year has grown the most of any of the rock garden plants.  I am amazed every time I look at the front yard. It's even blooming!

Compare these two photos:

May 2016
Late April 2017        

 It looks just the way I'd hoped it would!

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