Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Work on the Rock Garden

Last year I planted probably 1/3 of the front yard as a rock garden.  It has grown tremendously since then!

March, 2016
April, 2017 - you can see a few more rocks were added, as well as some low growing "creepers"
The blue fescue increased the most in size, but the aubrieta (rock cress), armeria (sea thrift) and lewisia have done very well, and are full of flowers.  I did lose one lewisia during the long, snowing, cold winter.

 The wall flower transplanted from a cutting out of the herb garden has taken well.  

wall flower ( erysiumum "orange flame") between a sea thrift, and red creeping thyme 

Yesterday I got started on the remainder of the yard.  What a pain those bark chips are!  They will be moved to the backyard, surrounding the butterfly garden rounds.  The soil underneath though is very rich from years of decomposing bark.  I dug in some manure and sand.  The manure was probably overkill, rock garden plants like a little struggle...  

After a trip to Lowe's (hello, broken bags!) for river rock and pea gravel, I finished the middle path (it is a short-cut to the mailbox), and part of a path around the front of the planting area near the driveway.  

Two plants are in so far, a bright pink ("Morning Star") sea thrift, and a penstemon I have had in a pot on the deck for a few years.  

That mossy rock had a big, fat black widow underneath it when my son turned it over to move it!  I leave spiders alone (even putting them outside if I find them in the house), with one exception... black widows.

Today I bought some more plants (Grange Co-op), but they need to wait for 
1) sunny weather 
2) more sand 
3) more rock moving 
4) days off

lewisia - hybrid mix

lewisia flowers

six pack of sea thrift (armeria)

lithodora - the first of its kind for me!  The plant reminds me of rosemary.  A 4" plant may spread to 4', and I have a six pack! 

lithodora blossoms - love that color!

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