Sunday, May 28, 2017

Garden Updates - seeds and flowers and cucumbers

Seeds are up... already!

Sunflowers (my daughter always plants sunflowers): They were planted on May 21, this is their growth on 5/27.

Bush Beans: Only planted a week ago tonight.

I planted some larger lemon cucumbers.  The small ones from the six-pack don't look too healthy, but I've fallen for that before, bought more, and then had too many!  These new ones are much larger, from a 5.5" nursery pot, which had three growing in it, easily separated.

The rock roses in the front yard are gorgeous!  

"Jessamy Beauty" 

"Jessamy Beauty"

unknown variety planted by the sidewalk
Climbing roses are bursting out all over!  These are New Dawn roses, two plants.  There is a third plant on the other side of the trellis, but it looks sickly.  It gets far less sun and water.  I just tidied them up on Wednesday, when only a few buds were opening.  

The disappointing mini-rose is a very pretty color, but the ordinary shape I wanted to avoid, and no fragrance.  I did hear back from the grower, asking if the nursery had any more.  They didn't, and I didn't hear back again.

Week's Roses Winsome
There is an old pale purple rose that is bigger and covered with more flowers than ever this year.  It is leggy, so needs some pruning.  These roses do have fragrance!  

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