Saturday, May 20, 2017

Just a Few New Things Planted and to Plant...

The weather is warm and sunny at long last!  It's going to be one of those years that just jumps into summer after a long cold spring.

I planted lemon cucumbers.  I didn't get to the FFA sale at the high school this year, so these are from work.  They are smaller than the FFA ones tend to be, but I am confident they'll catch up.  We do carry quality plants at work!

Another mint!  I missed out on several new to me varieties, but found a nice Sweet Pear mint.  It doesn't smell as pear-y as the strawberry mint smells strawberry-y, or the apple, apple-y.  It's quite a pretty plant though.

Cilantro is up.  I have had it self-seed for several years, but this time I had to plant seeds myself.

In pruning off the spent lilac blooms I found this...  Once these shelf, or bracket fungi appear it's a sign the infection is inside, so nothing to be done.  Beautiful, but not welcome.

There's a new Gaura for the rock garden in the front yard. It's funny, last year's label called it an "Indian Feather," but now they are labeled "Wand Flower."  They are the same plant.  I don't think they are very attractive plants, but I love the flowers waving around at the end of the long, wand-like stems.
I have two in the older part of the rock garden, planted a bit behind some rocks that hide the plants themselves!

Working in the rock garden yesterday I came across far too many "deposits" the neighbor's cats have left (and they eat some nasty food that makes their "deposits" extra nasty) !  I bought some cat repellent and will spray it around the edges of the area and some random spots where the cats seem go most.  The spray smells like cilantro, at least to me!

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