Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Favorite Gardening Site Bar None!

The single most fantastic gardening site/blog/Facebook/what-have-you is You Grow Girl!  I love photos of plants and gardens.  In fact, if a site or blog has valuable information about plants, but no photos, I'll miss out on the info. since I won't stick around!  You Grow Girl has the incredible photos. I do not "do" Facebook, but can read the updated posts, which are so inspiring.  What the author can do with her narrow lot is just unbelievable!

To make it even better, she sells her seeds on Etsy!  www.etsy.com/shop/Gayla
It might be a bit late to start on tomatoes now, but keep it in mind.  Or, buy some now, seeds keep.

I got just two packets of seeds this time.

1- Blue Chocolate tomato

2- Anise Hyssop for the butterfly garden

And they came with a super special, incredible extra!  See that picture on the left, like a postcard?  It's paper... embedded with herb seeds!  Parsley, chives and basil!  WOW!  That is so clever!  And such an unexpected gift.

In case you wonder... yes, I do indeed have the book pictured!  It's the best book I've seen on herbs.  Not just growing, but recipes and ideas.

No, I don't know the author personally in any way.  But, I do wholeheartedly recommend her site, books, seeds, etc!   

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