Thursday, May 25, 2017

On Eggplants

I dislike eggplant.  You could even say I despise eggplant.  That is, cooked eggplant.  It tastes nasty (to me, you may love it with a passion I save for my plumcots), and usually ends up a disgusting grayish slime.  The only eggplant I found palatable was eggplant Parmesan, which basically hides the eggplant in sauces and cheese!  Why bother?  Someone shared a favorite eggplant recipe with me a few days ago.  It included not only eggplant, but fish sauce.   Nope... don't do fish sauce. 

So, why did I plant an eggplant?  Simply for one reason.

They are beautiful plants.  Beautiful leaves.  Beautiful blossoms.  Beautiful fruits.

I grew Dusky a few years ago:

beautiful plant with beautiful leaves
beautiful blossoms
beautiful fruits
beautiful fruits and a Doodle
lots and lots of beautiful fruits
I don't have the room for a full size eggplant this year (I never did get around to building raised beds with the bargain raised bed corners I bought.  Short on time and money... Next year...)

So, I got a Patio Baby!  Isn't that a cute name?  It grows only 24" or so high, with fruits about 2" long.  Perfect for a the large ceramic pot on my deck. 

What will I do with the beautiful fruits?  I'll take them to work and leave them on the employee break room table of course!  I won't be eating them, that's for sure! 

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