Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sunny Days Bring Lots of Projects! (part 1 - yard sale deals)

So much has been going on I have to do a "to be continued!"

The weather is nice and sunny at long last!  70s and even 80s, with cool nights.  Time to think seriously about getting the garden in order.

This past weekend was the city-wide garage sale.  My family started out at a few minutes before
8:00 am.  A few hours later, after a pit stop at home to give the "Doodle" his morning medication, my son and I continued until around 2:00 pm.  He deemed the sale the "best one yet."

I did find some really nice garden related bargains.

  • Two wire fence things to keep the "Doodle" out of places he ought not stumble into.  Boring, but sensible, and just .50 for both.  One was still in its packaging.

  • One empty popcorn canister.  $1.00.  

 What did I want with an empty popcorn canister?  Here's what...

A little spray paint, holes punched in the bottom, and I have a planter!  I don't care for the color, a textured brown, but it's what I had available and it covered the cheery snow scene.  I may remove the bottom altogether and plant mint.

  • Three pottery planters.  
What a quirky little terracotta pot!  $1.00

Quite pretty, and just $3.00

My jewel of the day.  It paid $10 for it, but it is glazed inside and out, and very thick pottery.  I removed the existing house plant and gave it away on Craigslist.
 The face is still empty, but the other two have been transformed into herb containers.  I did scrub them outside and in with a bleach and water solution.  That's a "just in case" step for used pottery!

Goodwin Creek Gray lavender

"Foxley" thyme, "Platinum Blonde" lavender and an oregano volunteer transplanted from a walkway.  They'll outgrow the pot, but not for a few years.  

I think this pot is just gorgeous!
  • A bubbler fountain.  

It's the kind with the pieces of rock, like shale or slate, that have holes in the middle.  I've seen these raised up on terra cotta pots turned into stands. This was my first purchase of the day, for $5.00.

To be continued...

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