Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sunny Days Bring Lots of Projects! (part 4, in which we see some terrific bargains!)

So, I came across a pile of old boxes at work the other day.  Discounted trellises, arbors, etc.  Could I resist?  Of course not!  These were super good deals on things I have wanted for years!
  • Trellises - two each of the cedar Eiffel Trellis and cedar Pyramid Trellis.  Talk about bargains! The Eiffel ones were slashed from $45.99 to just $19.40!  The Pyramid version were originally $80.99, for not quite as good a deal, but still a big savings, of $32.40.  I will admit I splurged, but I really, really have wanted some of these... even one of these... for so, so long...  

  • Rose Arches - two of these as well.  Sort of a Noah's ark of plant supports!  Once built I am surprised these originally sold for $53.99!  I got mine for $21.60 each.   

Not sure if we bent one of the top pieces or we put one on the wrong way... 

This one hasn't been sunk into the ground yet, so it's crooked.  I was going to plant the not-so-bare-root climbing rose, but my son asked me why I keep planting things with thorns where we walk!  So, I am going to plant a wisteria vine in an oak half-barrel.  We have both a work, and I have a 25% off coupon to use on the barrel!

That's it for my Sunny Days series!  I got a lot of bargains and got a lot done.  Gardening is great!

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