Friday, May 12, 2017

Sunny Days Bring Lots of Projects! (part 3 - front yard rock garden project)

Not that it's sunny anymore, the weather is much cooler, overcast, and a bit dreary.  But, it did hold off during my wonderful five days off!

The front yard is coming along nicely, after one huge disappointment.  Well, not a disappointment so much as outrage, but there's nothing to be done for it currently, so no sense staying upset.  Although I still am.

I am edging the rock garden planting areas with river rock, and putting pea gravel for the paths.
Last year's work:

I ran out of both rock before finishing the largest area.
Last month's work:

BUT... having been buying this same rock, both river and pea gravel, for several years, I didn't expect an problems.  BUT... the company must have a new supply, a new quarry, something different, because the sizes of both have changed drastically!  I can't use it. The pea gravel is about 3x the size it was, and the river rock is half the size, so there is barely any difference between the two.

Pea gravel in hand, river rock below - that's not pea gravel!
new "pea gravel" in front is considerably larger than existing gravel and would stick out like a sore thumb if I tried to mix them

I ended up spreading the pea gravel out near the sidewalk, around the rock roses.  If nothing else, maybe it will cause the clod who throws his or her cigarette butts in my yard to think twice.  Not that it was okay to do it before there was gravel, but now it looks more tended.  I have thought of posting a sign saying, "My gravel is not your ashtray."

So, until I can find the same sizes, that part of the project is on hold.  I did put in all the plants I had already purchased. I need more of course, but it's a start.

Up by the sidewalk, between the rockroses is where the giant pea gravel was placed 

There are blue fescues, creeping phlox, sea thrifts, lewisias, and lithodoras so far. I have a list of "wants" as well!  Lots of "wants!"

Oh, the rock roses at the sidewalk edge are beginning to bloom!  Such pretty blossoms with their wrinkles from unfolding!

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