Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trying Some New Things: Onions and Potatoes

I've never grown onions or potatoes. Even as a child with a gardening father we never grew onions.  I have one memory of his growing potatoes, in which the harvest were teeny tiny spuds we laughed about for years.  Now those baby taters are "in!"

So, when bagged potatoes went on sale for $1.00, I thought, "Why not?  I'll give them a try.  After all, I'm only into it for $1.00."

The potatoes are German Butterballs.  There were several other types, but I loved the name German Butterball!  Turns out they are supposed to be an easy one for beginners to grow.  Good!  I got 12 in my package of 10.

I'd been reading a lot about potatoes in containers... potatoes in trash cans... potatoes in laundry baskets... just how easy it is to grow potatoes nearly anywhere.  I had some old wire left from when the boysenberries were still little sticks and needed protection from Boo's ball.

December 2012
I hooked two together, and lined the bottom part with cardboard.  I had made a pile of old potting soil mixed with new steer manure I fitted the wire around.

Then  I just placed the potatoes where I wanted them, and pressed them into the soil a few inches.  As they grow I'll snug straw up around the plants.  It's supposed to be as easy as that!  I had five unused potatoes, which I just stuck in the compost heap.  Who knows...  peelings have been known to sprout!
Most of them had some growth on an eye.  I knew enough to face that up!

As for onions, we don't eat a lot of them.  I like the taste they give foods, but not the cook onion sliminess, or raw onions at all.  I will cook onions when I make chicken fajitas, for the taste, but pick out them out before eating.  I usually use onion powder when a recipe calls for onion!   But, the little six packs of baby Yellow Sweet Spanis looked good!  A six pack is waaaay too many!  I only planted a fraction of what I got.  A six pack does not have six onions, it probably has a dozen in each of the cells!

I only planted about ten.  I am not confident I planted them correctly, so it's another "we'll see what happens."  They are "garden bed friends" with tomatoes, so they are in the same raised bed as the Sungold and Siletz tomatoes.

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