Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Whole Lotta Plantin' Goin' On

Seeds have been planted...

Jade II - I was fine with the original Jade, so we'll see how this II is improved!  I will plant more in two or three weeks.

Small Sugar, a small variety with thick flesh great for eating.  I tried this manure bag planting a few years ago with good success.  It's a good way to plant pumpkins in out of the way corners of the garden, with plenty of room to spread.

manure bag pumpkins several years ago

Poke holes in the bottom of a manure bag (this is steer manure, I haven't tried chicken to compare). Turn it over and place it where you want the pumpkins to grow.  Cut out the top.  Push in the seeds, ignoring the 6' apart advice!  Water and wait.


I have thousands, literally thousands (the packets I ordered contain hundreds, and in one case, a thousand, seeds!) of butterfly favorites.  I directed seeded:

  • cosmos (grocery store seed rack)
  • anise hyssop (You Grow Girl)
  • Mexican red sunflower (annual - eBay)
  • Mexican butterfly weed (annual - eBay)
  • white yarrow (eBay)
  • rue (eBay)
  • mixed packet containing Bishop's flower (which needs to be pulled out when identified, as it's toxic to dogs), black-eyed Susan, butterfly milkweed, California poppy, candytuft, blazing star, Indian blanket, coreopsis, aster, lupine, vervain, Shasta daisy, Siberian wallflower, alyssum, Sweet William - eBay) 
  • purple coneflower (eBay)
  • Rocky Mountain penstemon (this is for both the butterfly garden and the rock garden in the front yard - eBay)
The wire "fences" are just right to keep Edward the Goldendoodle from stumbling through the beds!  These two were part of the city-wide garage sale deals.  I need one more!
The Shasta daisy has almost turned into the type of flower I dislike!  Where there are so many flowers you can't see the green foliage!  

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