Monday, June 19, 2017

Gardening Updates - June 2017

BUTTERFLY GARDEN:  Well, it won't be drawing a lot of butterflies this year, I don't think, but it is doing nicely.

A lot of the seeds have sprouted.  I neglected to make a map of my seed sowing, so I don't know what is what!  They are all perennials though, so eventually there will be some nice big pollinator friendly flowers.

The coreopsis is so pretty. This one is Up Tick.  

The beebalm is opening blossoms.

I still have a trellis in the middle of one butterfly garden ring to keep Edward the Stumbling Goldendoodle out, but I have upgraded it!  I am spray painting all of my cedar trellises because I like the look!  I've drooled over photos of them for a long time, and now that I have four I am painting them all different bright hues.  This is Gloss Rich Plum from Krylon, paint and primer in one.  It took two cans. 

From right to left - Shasta daisy (white), catnip, coreopsis, ferny yarrow, pineapple sage and beebalm

HERB GARDEN:  Yes, I bought another herb!  It worries me how many wonderful new herbs I'm missing out on now that I'm not working at the farm store with it's nursery!  We get in some really nice ones from Log House.  My last purchase before transferring back to the pet store was this, a creeping winter savory.  It's in a green ceramic pot, which I am not sure shows off its own green.

creeping winter savory with rosemary to the right, chives and grape hyacinth seed pods behind and to the left (also some of the winter damaged tree still needing to be chopped up)

Although, "last purchase" sounds rather final, when in reality, the farm store is just one mile down the road from the pet store, so it's not like I can't, and won't, drop by to check out the new herbs and rock garden plants.

POTATOES: Oh, my... they are neatly to the top of their wire cage!

Crop updates coming soon...

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